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Spotlight Flavors

Mango Tango

Enjoy the rich, semi-sweet mango flavor, with a hint of orange.


A good base for strawberry lovers. Top it off with our other fruits or syrup!


Enjoy the nutty, buttery, yet delicate and smooth flavor of pistachio.


Take care of your berry cravings with the bright flavor of raspberry.


Try out orange, or mix it up with vanilla for that dream-sickle taste that's so hard to resist.


Enjoy the delightful taste of peach with this creamy and smooth yogurt.

About Us

Mango cup is a fun interactive self-serve frozen yogurt place where customers have the freedom to create their own sweet treat!

At Mango Cup, we provide an array of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings so that customers can use their own creativity and experiment with numerous flavor combinations of their choice.

All of our fat free and low fat flavors are made with skim milk and natural sweeteners. They also meet the National Yogurt Association's criteria for live and active cultures.

Each week we spotlight 10 different flavors from our 60+ exclusive flavors for your enjoyment. New week, new flavors! Come find out which flavor is you.

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Frozen Yogurt

Fine atmosphere and delicious yogurt.


Enjoy free* yogurt on your birthday!